Health and Wellness Products

ProCinta aims to reinforce the importance of self, family and community care through its elite line of reliable products. Over three decades of traditional wisdom and considering the present wellness requirement, ProCinta is driving the concept of personal care for one’s mental, physical and social strength.

Hence, ProCinta is bringing out product categories like Personal Care, Home Care, Food Products, Beverages and Organic Products into the Indian and global market

Bringing the ancestral products and practices back in time, our motto “You First” promotes wholesome well-being. With strong deeply set roots in the Rayalaseema region of Southern India, the founders of ProCinta have mastered and curated the best products for over three decades.

Turmeric, Neem, Lemon, Honey, Tulsi and many more have remained a key aspect in numerous ancestral self-care routines! Impactful yet effective, these still remain significant aspects to achieve wholesome well-being!


YouFirst - A Social Initiative

#YouFirst: With the changing times, we enter a new phase called the New Normal. Customs, Culture, Behavior, Lifestyle and everything related to human species has been greatly affected. Our outlook towards life has changed. Now is the time to practice self-care with utmost caution, to take care of yourself first, before preaching to others. This leads you to better your family, and hence your community and your country. This is the right time to practice and preach #YouFirst.

#YouFirst is a social initiative taken up by the brand #intinti under the company #ProCinta Consumer Products.